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ϟ My name is Rayne. But you can call me Raynald.
PGP: She/Her
ϟ Mostly gay 23 y/o mega-nerd.
ϟ Gryiffindor Feminist in District 9.

ϟStarkidϟNerdfigherϟLost GirlϟPLLϟSupernaturalϟDoctor WhoϟDisneyϟ

Elsa is my Queen.

~Anna KendrickLindsey ShawLauren CollinsRachel SkarstenBillie PiperLauren CohanCandice AccolaJenna-Loiuse ColemanKsenia SoloDarren Criss~

I can be fancy, too.
My Companion.
My face
Women I want to love,

From last Friday xD

From last Friday xD