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ϟ My name is Rayne. But you can call me Raynald.
PGP: She/Her
ϟ Mostly gay 23 y/o mega-nerd.
ϟ Gryiffindor Feminist in District 9.

ϟStarkidϟNerdfigherϟLost GirlϟPLLϟSupernaturalϟDoctor WhoϟDisneyϟ

Elsa is my Queen.

~Anna KendrickLindsey ShawLauren CollinsRachel SkarstenBillie PiperLauren CohanCandice AccolaJenna-Loiuse ColemanKsenia SoloDarren Criss~

I can be fancy, too.
My Companion.
My face
Women I want to love,



boys? you mean sex toys that are rude and don’t even vibrate? no thank u

A Guide to Terminology as used by Western Males of the Species —



Prude - a woman who won’t fuck you

Dyke - a woman who won’t fuck you because you have a penis

Slut - a woman who fucks other people and not you

Tease - a woman who won’t fuck you even though she smiled at you

Feminist - a woman who won’t fuck you because she has, like, thoughts and stuff

Bitch - a woman who treats you the same as you treat women


the funniest thing in twilight is when bella thinks that the guy she has a crush on might be a vampire so she goes home and just googles the word “vampire” it’s ridiculous but also exactly what I would do in that situation



You didn’t get your Hogwarts letter? No problem! It probably just got lost in the mail, or the owl that was supposed to deliver it got distracted, happens all the time. We apologize for any inconvenience and are happy to announce that you are accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!
And here is your ticket!

It’s only been like 10 years

What a fucking nerd

Me talking about someone I love  (via katisque)

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