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Elsa is my Queen.

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  • joins tumblr to pass time
  • becomes a radical feminist

Think you’ve seen everything… and then you see Silkarsten


im really fucking sarcastic for someone who’s about to start crying most of the time


*sigh* why am i better than everyone

(Source: 6yr)


I remember coming to the library with my mom when I was little.
She had a library canvas tote bag she brought with her and we’d fill it with books from the adult section and then the children’s section until it was overflowing and I’d carry some in my arms to go check out.
I had my own library card before I was old enough to write my name the back of it.
I am so grateful for that. Holy crap.


The premise of minimum wage, when it was introduced, was that a single wage earner should be able to own a home and support a family.  That was what it was based on; a full time job, any job, should be able to accomplish this.

The fact people scoff at this idea if presented nowadays, as though the people that ring up your groceries or hand you your burgers don’t deserve the luxury of a home and a family, is disgusting.

I walked into the library for what feels like the first time in forever and I literally feel like I’m in Disneyland.